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Report of 2021 General Chapter Available as Digital Book

The final report of the 2021 General Chapter is now available as a digital book from this website. Most of the report is in Italian, with a few sections in English, Spanish and French. Report of 2021 General Chapter (PDF) FlipBook version...
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S. Bonaventura

St. Bonaventure: A Voice Still Relevant Today

A letter from the general ministers of the First Order and the Third Order Regular on the 750th anniversary of the death of St. Bonaventure. Letter: Bonaventure – 750 years...
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Franciscan children

Guidelines for working with Franciscan children and adolescents

 Accompanying Letter Guidelines for Animation Guidelines for Children/Adolescants  ...
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Christmas message from the minister general

Like the Nativity, let Jesus come alive for us Christmas Card (EN & IT) | Christmas Letter |  ...
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Joyful announcement: Look forward to a Chapter of Mats in 2024

With great joy Minister General Tibor Kauser announces a Chapter of Mats for the Secular Franciscan Order and YouFra to be held November 14-19, 2024 in Rome, Italy. This will immediately follow the 2024 General Chapter. It is a way to celebrate the 800th anniversaries of important events in the life of St. Francis. National … Joyful announcement: Look forward to a Chapter of Mats in 2024 Read More »...
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OFS remember first minister general

The Secular Franciscan Order remembers Manuela Mattioli on the 30th anniversary of her death on Nov. 3. She was the first OFS minister general following the 1978 Rule from St. Pope Paul VI and the reorganization into a worldwide order. Letter from Minister General Tibor Kauser About Manuela Mattioli by 30th Anniversary Committee...
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St. Francis

Guidelines for Celebrating 5 Franciscan Centenaries 2023-2026

Letter accompanying thematic grid Thematic grid Guidelines brochure by Conference of the Franciscan Family Image at top from a painting by Howard Schroeder, OFS...
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peace dove

Letter of Peace and Solidarity to OFS in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters, yesterday we published a letter from our General Minister by which he calls us to pray for peace on Ash Wednesday. This other letter that we are publishing here is a message of solidarity with brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Let us keep them in our prayers in this difficult time!...
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Circular Letter: Reflections on Memoriale Propositi Are Becoming Available

EN Memoriale propositi – Letter formation material_February 2021 (PDF) See the Memoriale Propositi page for Tibor’s video message and the first reflection...
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Celebrating 800 Years of ‘Memoriale Propositi’

EN Celebration 800 years Memoriale Propositi – circular letter (PDF)...
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Revised translations of official documents

From Minister General’s Letter: The Rule, the General Constitutions and the Ritual are the official and vital documents of our Secular Franciscan Order. They are not simple readings or juridical regulations but guiding principles for us to live our vocation. So, there is a good reason to love, study and live these documents and consequently, … Revised translations of official documents Read More »...
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‘Hope is bold!’ Christmas Letter from the Franciscan Ministers General

As a result of a close fraternal collaboration and a living experience of belonging to the same Franciscan Family, the Franciscan Minister Generals send this Christmas letter to every member of the worldwide Franciscan Family. Secular and religious sisters and brothers from the whole Franciscan Family worked on it and now we can give it … ‘Hope is bold!’ Christmas Letter from the Franciscan Ministers General Read More »...
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Franciscan Crown Rosary

History and How to Pray EN Franciscan Crown – how to pray...
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World Day of Prayer on Nov. 29 for Secular Franciscan Order and Franciscan Youth

With the continuing impact of the pandemic, Minister General Tibor Kauser calls for a worldwide day of prayer for the Secular Franciscan Order and Franciscan Youth on Nov. 29, 2020. (Pray the Franciscan Crown Rosary.) Read his circular letter: EN Worldwide day of prayer Nov 29, 2020 – letter EN Franciscan Crown – how to … World Day of Prayer on Nov. 29 for Secular Franciscan Order and Franciscan Youth Read More »...
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Minister General Tibor Kauser

Secular Franciscans in Beirut Need Help Due to Explosion

A call for a fundraiser for OFS members in Beirut who suffered damage due to the explosion of last August. EN Lebanon letter from minister general...
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Pentecost Dove

Minister General’s 2020 Pentecost Message

God lets us be surprised The answer we seek is in the Good News. Read Tibor’s Pentecost message   Italian: IT-Pentecoste messaggio 2020 Spanish: ES Pentecostés 2020 French: FR Pentecost message 2020 Portuguese: PT Mensagem de Pentecostes 2020...
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Easter Message from Minister General

“Proclaim the good news,” urges Minister General Tibor Kauser, OFS, in his Easter message to Secular Franciscans around the world. “This is one of the most joyful time of the year for us, Christians, because this is the moment to experience: life has overcome death.” Read his full message here...
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