SECULAR FRANCISCAN LEADERSHIP SAINT JOSEPH, “SHADOW OF THE FATHER” Introduction We link almost immediately Saint Joseph to the virtues of silence and work, but probably not so immediately to our ideas of husband and father. Yet, he is the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the father of Jesus. This year, the Church commemorates …

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Reflections on Memoriale Propositi

Check out the reflections on Memoriale Propositi by Ottaviano Turrioni, minister of the OFS Fraternity of Cannara -Perugia, with the collaboration of Fr. Alfred Parambakathu OFMConv., general spiritual assistant. Historical Framework Text and Analysis

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Reflections on health and faith by Victoria I. Tirro A., OFS Pychologist, Psycho-Gerontologist Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas- Venezuela) EN Sister Life (PDF)