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2021 theme “Secular Franciscan Leadership”

Koinonia_2021_1 – Animate and guide with a leadership of service

Koinonia_2021_2 Saint Joseph, shadow of the Father

Koinonia_2021_3 – 800 years of Memoriale propositi: the relevance for OFS



2020 theme “Secular Franciscans In Times Of Great Changes”

Koinonia_2020_1 The OFS Rule As A Response In Times Of Great Changes

Koinonia_2020_2 – Secular Franciscans in times of great changes

Koinonia_2020_3 An Integrated Ecology: The Secular Franciscan Response

Koinonia_2020_4 – Franciscan Economy for Seculars

2019 theme “Walking with the young people: a vital challenge for OFS”

Koinonia_2019_1 – St. Francis and the youth of today Koinonia_2019_2 – Identity and Mission of YouFra Koinonia_2019_3– Spiritual Assistant and YouFra: the art of vocational discernment Koinonia_2019_4 – The Relationship between OFS and YouFra: Challenges and hopes

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2018 theme “As you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the world.” (Jn 17: 18)

Koinonia_2018_1Family as vocation and mission Koinonia_2018_2–  Work as vocation and mission Koinonia_2018_3 – The ‘ecological conversion’ as vocation and mission Koinonia_2018_4 – Secular Franciscans and their participation in politics

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2017 theme LIVING THE FRANCISCAN CHARISM IN TODAY’S WORLD 40 years after the Seraphicus Patriarcha

Koinonia_2017_1 – SEDUCED BY GOD, SEEKERS OF CHRIST: Secular Franciscans and their relationship with God

Koinonia_2017_2 – “The Lord gave me brothers and sisters” (cf. Test. 14): Secular Franciscans and the gift of fraternity

Koinonia_2017_3 – “go forth as witnesses and instruments” (cf. OFS Rule 6) Secular Franciscans in the Church and in the world

Koinonia_2017_4 -“GO WITH THE GOSPEL IN THE HEART AND IN THE HANDS”: Franciscan Youth in the World

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Koinonia_2016_1: The Jubilee of Mercy and the Pardon of Assisi.

Koinonia_2016_2: To live Mercy in Fraternity.

Koinoia_2016_3: OFS and the Works of Mercy in History.

Koinoia_2016_4: OFS and the Works of Mercy today.

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2015 theme Importance of the Family for the OFS and for YouFra

KOINONIA_2015_1: The Family in the Teachings of the Church from the Second Vatican Council to Our Times

KOINONIA_2015_2: The Family in the Rule and General Constitutions of the OFS

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KOINONIA_2014_1: A Church transformed: joyous and missionary

Koinonia_2014_2: The spiritual motivations and the temptations of pastoral workers

KOINONIA_2014_3: The social inclusion of the poor

KOINONIA_2014_4: Peace and social dialogue

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2013 Theme YEAR OF FAITH

Koinonia_2013_1Benedict XVI and Francis

Koinonia_2013_2 – Faith in the writings and life of Francis

Koinonia_2013_3 – Faith according to the catechism of the Catholic Church

Koinonia_2013_4 – Faith according to the documents of the OFS

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