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Formation Secretariat

Presidency Councillor: Silvia Noemí Diana, OFS


Thematic Guide for Formation Programs (2023)

Initial Formation Guide 2017

Essential documents (Rule, Constitutions, etc.)

Formation program on St. Louis (8 themes)

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Thematic Guide for Formation Programs (2023)

Dear OFS brothers and sisters, National Councils, Peace and Good, The Secretariat for Formation presents this “Thematic Guide for Formation Programs”. We hope that all national councils will pass this material on to our local fraternities and encourage its dissemination and implementation. Your brothers and sisters. CIOFS Formation Secretariat Thematic Guide for Formation Programs (2023) … Thematic Guide for Formation Programs (2023) Read More »...

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Celebrate the first 2 centenaries as a Franciscan family

800 years of the rule and the crib in Greccio (PDF) Letter from Formation Secretariat (PDF)...

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Reflections on health and faith by Victoria I. Tirro A., OFS Pychologist, Psycho-Gerontologist Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas- Venezuela) EN Sister Life (PDF)...

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Pope Francis invites participation in Laudato Si Week

Laudato Si Week (May 16-24)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the program of the Laudato Si’ Week, that will be celebrated from May 16 to May 24 and that has the Holy See sponsorship, has been revised and can be found in the website here. In summary the proposal is as follows: the world is now in crisis, and … Laudato Si Week (May 16-24) Read More »...

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