Pope Francis invites participation in Laudato Si Week

Laudato Si Week (May 16-24)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the program of the Laudato Si’ Week, that will be celebrated from May 16 to May 24 and that has the Holy See sponsorship, has been revised and can be found in the website here.

In summary the proposal is as follows: the world is now in crisis, and we’re coming together in prayer and reflection to build a better world together. The week will include interactive online workshops to guide that process of reflection and prepare for action. The week will be concluded with a global day of prayer on 24 May.

For making easier the task of spreading the Laudato Si’ Week and inform about it, please see here below some templates you can use.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement team it will be very happy to share any on their website all the initiatives you’ve developed for Laudato Si’ Week.

These forms will help get your initiatives online:

  • Activities form to post your online event on the Laudato Si’ Week calendar
  • Resources form to publish your resource on the Laudato Si’ Week resources page

Please feel free to send your activities and resources through these forms, copying them to the CIOFS Secretariat.

— Attilio Galimberti, OFS