Family Commission

Chair: Adolph Assagba, OFS

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The Family And Caring For Our Common Home

The Family Commission wishes to propose the following theme for the fraternities, keeping in mind the great challenges that we are facing today. THE FAMILY AND CARING FOR OUR COMMON HOME PDF of this...

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The Family of Jesus, a Path to Follow

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In this small space for reflection we want to continue reflecting on the reality of our families. There are many realities that every family has to attend to and respond to...

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2021 Annual theme Family Commission

The sixth installment of material, from the family commission, to all the fraternities so that our local fraternities may reflect on the family as we were invited to do during the 2014 General...

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A reflection on family and the pandemic

The Family Commission offers a reflection for fraternities to discuss: Family and pandemic, challenges in the face of this new reality...

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Young people in our fraternities: realities, protagonism and assistance

As a family commission we want to offer special attention to the young people who enter our Order, many of our families share the Franciscan path between fathers, mothers and children, nephews /...

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Marriage and the family: the reality and the challenges

Marriage and the family: the reality and the challenges (PDF) OBSERVE ¿WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD? The social reputation of Catholic marriages is falling. The numbers of 2018 weddings. Daily...

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2021 Theme
The care of our older brothers and sisters, their life and journey are part of the history of our Order
EN 2021 Annual Theme(PDF)2020 Theme
Constructive dialogue in the family
EN-2020-Annual-theme (PDF)

EN-Intergenerational dialogue in the fraternity (PDF) (December 2019)

2019 Theme
The family in the different encyclicals and Catechism of the Catholic Church
EN 2019 Annual theme (PDF)

2018 Theme
Share the important moments of the family life
EN 2018 Annual theme (PDF)

2017 Theme
Caring of frailties: mercy and discernment
EN 2017 Annual theme (PDF)

2016 Theme
Family and marriage
EN 2016 Annual theme (PDF)