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Revised translations of official documents

From Minister General’s Letter:

The Rule, the General Constitutions and the Ritual are the official and vital documents of our Secular Franciscan Order. They are not simple readings or juridical regulations but guiding principles for us to live our vocation. So, there is a good reason to love, study and live these documents and consequently, they have to be at hand, and it is also important that not only the content but their structure has to be as accurate as possible. This objective has inspired the previous Presidency of the CIOFS to launch the project of the revision of the translation of these official documents of the OFS. The current Presidency appreciated this initiative and endeavored to continue with this work. So, now, I am very happy to announce that this work has been completed.

It is very important to make you all aware, that this is not a revision of the content of the documents themselves. It has to do only with the translation from the original version.

The so called “editio typica” of the documents remained the same. The original version of the Rule and of the Ritual are in Latin. The original version of the General Constitutions is in Italian. It means they were originally written in these languages.