Franciscan Youth

Chapter approves new CIOFS International Statutes ‘ad experimentum’

Rome, November 18, 2021 | Press Announcement

The plenary assembly of the OFS General Chapter on Nov. 18 approved the modification of the International Fraternity Statutes ‘ad experimentum’. This means that during the next three years, its practical application will be evaluated before making a final decision at the next General Chapter.

General Chapter logoAlthough the modification was worked on during previous term, this is the first decision of the 2021-2027 six-year term. The purpose of the decision is to incorporate the International Statutes in situations that occur commonly in the national, regional and local fraternities and to get feedback from the fraternities to determine if the statutes will need any modification.

The Chapter also experienced its most emotional moments, especially with the testimony of an OFS aspirant from Kuwait, who explained her conversion process and the reality of living in a country with no Christian tradition. The session also included the commemoration of the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Memoriale Propisiti and the update on the ‘Piandarca’ project, which highlighted the place where, according to tradition, Saint Francis preached to the birds.

Franciscan Youth (YouFra councilors) brought color and excitement to the Assembly as they demonstrated their skills and qualities, and shared how young people live and deepen their Christian, Franciscan and secular vocation.

Their presentation gave way to a rich debate on the ability of the OFS to transmit its charism to young people and on the incorporation of YouFra members into OFS fraternities. It became evident that double belonging and fraternal animation are important tools to ensure that the Secular Franciscan vocation can be brought closer to the young.