Br. Michael Perry, OFM

CIOFS Presidency ends its service with mutual appreciation

General Chapter logoRome, November 16, 2021 | press announcement

The CIOFS Presidency ended its service at the final afternoon session on Tuesday, November 16, before a plenary assembly of the General Chapter, after concluding its six-year term (2014-2020), one year later than expected because of the covid-19 pandemic.

“We leave our mandate in your hands,” concluded Tibor Kauser, OFS, the  minister general, after thanking the assembly for the opportunity to serve the International Fraternity. The capitulars responded with warm and fraternal applause of appreciation for all the members of the Presidency.

Tibor Kauser, Chelito Núñez, Ana Fruk, Ana Maria Raffo, Attilio Galimberti, Michel Janian, Silvia Noemí Diana, Jenny Harrington, Augustine Young Hak Yoon, Andrea Karlovic, Fr. Alfred Parambakathu, Fr. Carlos Ginés, Fr. Pedro Zitha and Fr. Tomàs Ginga, formed, with a great number of collaborators, the team that has completed its work.

Areas of Service Modified

The last important decision for the term was the modification of the seven areas of service for the CIOFS Presidency, that starting now, will be: North Europe, South Europe and the Mediterranean, Central and North America, South America, Francophone Africa and islands, English and Portuguese-speaking Africa, and Asia-Oceania.

‘Successors of St. Francis’

The day was very intense, since it also addressed the main theme of the Chapter, “The Gift and the Responsibility of the Minister as Servant,” presented by Br. Michael Perry, OFM, ex general minister (photo above). Br. Michael insisted on the need to “become as co-disciples and co-missionaries responsible for Franciscan life” and he encouraged all the Franciscans, religious and lay, to realize that they are the “true successors of St. Francis.”

At all times during the Chapter the willingness of carrying out its task of animation and managing the Order within the Church was manifested, especially driven by Monday’s audience with Pope Francis.

In this sense, the ‘Synod on Synodality 2021-2023,’ which was highlighted yesterday, provided an important opportunity for the Order that was encouraged to participate in its process through the respective dioceses.