Well4Africa invites you to become a donor of Kanafa water project in Ethiopia

by Virginija Mickute, OFS

The main goal of Kanafa water project is to provide access to safe potable water for daily consumption (drinking, cooking, hand and body washing, laundry) and improve sanitation and health for 1,000 people (200 households), particularly for children under five, who are extremely vulnerable to diseases (diarrhoea, typhoid, intestinal parasites, etc.) due to inadequate water supply, lack of sanitation and poor hygiene.

Total budget of Kanafa water project exceeds EUR 19,000. Social initiative Well4Africa is looking for 1,000 donors who are ready to donate EUR 19 to ensure safe potable water supply for one person in Kanafa or 200 donors who are prepared to donate EUR 95 to ensure safe potable water supply for one household in this small Ethiopian village.

For possible ways of donation, please refer to https://well4africa.eu/index.php/donate. May the Lord bless you all for your generosity!