Capitulars at work

The XVI General Chapter of the OFS Begins!

General Chapter logoA total of 57 capitulars (delegates) started the work of the XVI General Chapter of the OFS, which began Saturday afternoon with the Opening Mass presided over by the TOR General Minister, Fr. Amando Trujillo.

The Chapter, which also involves about 40 observers and about 20 fraternal volunteers, will end the six-year term (2014-2020), extended by one year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will start a new six-year term (2021- 2027) with the election of a new presidency. Therefore, it will be a time for reflection and deep discernment on the situation of the OFS international fraternity and its challenges.

The evaluation work has begun with the presentation of corresponding reports.

Tibor Kauser, OFS minister general, emphasized the need to deepen the secular Franciscan identity, for which “greater spirituality and greater capacity for organization” is necessary. He also highlighted the involvement of the CIOFS Presidency in collaborative projects around the world, especially those related to the JPiC Commission, such as Well4Africa.

Fr. Alfred Parambakathu, OFMConv., president of the Conference of General Spiritual Assistants (CAS), highlighted the “involvement of the First Order and the TOR in improving the assistance to the OFS”. One of the main successes was the first international formation workshop for spiritual assistants, which was attended by friars from 37 countries.

The XVI Chapter will experience a special day Nov. 15, meeting in a private audience with Pope Francis.

Rome, November 14, 2021 | press release