Great Britain Holds ‘Beatitudes’ Chapter

Calling it their “Beatitudes” Chapter, Secular Franciscans in Great Britain held a Chapter of Mats June 21-23, 2019, to mark the close of the year celebrating the 40th anniversary of the OFS Rule approved by Pope Blessed Paul VI in 1978.

National Minister Betsy Hart, OFS, described the chapter’s theme:

“The essence of our Franciscan heart lies in our living from Gospel to Life and Life to Gospel in the true spirit of the Beatitudes which informs our Rule. When as Secular Franciscans, we are truly involved in the world in the spirit of the Beatitudes, we become beacons of hope for all those whom we meet. As our International Minister Tibor (Kauser) said in his letter to us in June (2018), ‘Go out, and find how you can live your vocation in the Church, in society, among the poor, among the needy, among our neighbours, in the family, at work, in the fraternity, in free time, in different ways reflecting on the same charism and the same vocation. Be inspired, so that you can inspire others!’”

She added: “When we are together, we are a truly formidable force and a powerful sign of witness of the Church and to the world.”

More than 100 brothers and sisters from across Great Britain participated in the chapter, which took place the Hayes Conference Center in Swanwich, Alfreton. Working groups focused on the “Beatitudes” theme, with regional representatives making presentations on a particular beatitude.

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