ocean of water

Reflection on Water as Symbol of the Cry of the Poor and Cry of the Earth

The JPIC Commission is pleased to share the reflection, Aqua fons vitae: Orientations on Water, symbol of the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth. It was released by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, following the celebration of World Water Day 2020.

This new document is rooted in the Social Teaching of the Popes; and it is inspired by the work that members of the national and local Churches have been doing in several countries. “Water” is a term that calls attention to several challenges for the human family.

It should be noted that, although “everything is related”, as Pope Francis teaches (LS, nn. 16, 117), this document describes three aspects or dimensions of the use of water: 1) water for human use; 2) water as a resource used in many human activities, especially agriculture and industry; 3) water as a surface, meaning rivers, underground aquifers, lakes and above all seas and oceans. For each aspect or dimension, the document presents the related challenges, and operating proposals for awareness-raising and for commitment at a local level. The final part of the document offers a reflection about education and integrity.