Blessing in Sibi, Ghana

‘Well4Africa’ Borehole Blessed in Ghana’s Village of Sibi

Joyful news in the middle of COVID-19 crisis – water borehole sponsored by “Well4Africa” social initiative was blessed and inaugurated on May 9 in Sibi community, Ghana. A small group of community representatives took part in the celebration due to safety reasons.

Sibi is a small village in the Nkwanta District in the eastern part of Ghana. The village has 320 households/extended families, who are beneficiaries of this water project. Most of local people are farmers.

The village had only one well before. During the rainy season, people collected rainwater coming down from their roofs. At other times women and children were forced to fetch water from a small man-made dam or other sites, where water is stagnant, muddy and not safe to drink.

Blessing in Ghana - OFS and Franciscan youth

Borehole is blessed in Sibi, Ghana